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Fabric gaming chairs

Not a fan of (artificial) leather? Then you can of course buy a fabric gaming chair at Game Hero. The appearance of a fabric gaming chair is different, this material also gives a unique feeling when gaming. In addition to the material, there are also other characteristics to take into account, such as the quality of the frame, the filling and the wheels.

Why buy a fabric gaming chair?

What makes a fabric gaming chair different from the rest? First of all, the material. Most chairs are made of leather, imitation leather or another type of plastic. A fabric gaming chair is covered with a woven material, which can be natural fibers or synthetic fibers. It immediately gives a different look and it feels different when you sit. It's not so much better or worse, it just offers a different experience and look. It is also possible that other materials are used in a gaming chair made of fabric as a decorative element or to reinforce the upholstery.

This way you will find the ideal gaming chair fabric

You can produce a fabric gaming chair in all kinds of colors, which is definitely an advantage of this material. It also breathes well, which can certainly come in handy in warm rooms and heated gaming sessions. The structure of the upholstery is a bit rougher, whether this feels comfortable is a matter of personal preference. Here are 3 tips to keep your gaming chair fabric beautiful.

Tip 1: Dust is more contagious than (artificial) leather or any other smooth covering. Make sure you don't spill liquids on the material, stains are more difficult to remove.

Tip 2: With game chair fabric, the material consists of thin, woven threads. This is a sustainable technique in itself, but be careful with sharp objects or buttons and other accessories that can catch on the fibers. This way your chair stays in perfect condition for longer.

Tip 3: In addition to the upholstery, you should also pay attention to the filling. For example, you sit better on a gaming chair made of fabric with memory foam filling during long sessions. Standard foam forms less to your body, but this filling is cheaper.

The different gaming chair fabrics

Cotton is a natural fibre, polyester is a synthetic fibre. You can make a good gaming chair from fabric with both materials, but cotton fibers breathe better and are less flammable, for example. We don't expect you to game to the focal point, but if you smoke, for example, you should always be careful with the upholstery.

Complete your gaming setup!

You have a computer, games, controller and gaming chair. Are you missing something? You can also visit the Game Hero webshop for game desks , game monitors , keyboards, headsets and other accessories. This way you leave every opponent in the dust!

Any questions about fabric gaming chairs? Game Hero is happy to help you!

Can't find what you're looking for or do you have a question about a specific product? Our heroes are (or are) ready for you. So don't hesitate and send us a message.

Frequently Asked Questions About Gaming Chair Fabric

Is fabric better than leather?

In general, you can say that a gaming chair made of genuine leather has the longest lifespan. This partly depends on the use.

Is a fabric gaming chair vegan?

There are gamers who prefer not to consume or use animal products. In addition to a fabric gaming chair, artificial leather is also an option. However, none of the chairs have a vegan label.

What is the best gaming chair?

The best chair is the product that you sit comfortably on with a good price / quality ratio. Our selection is specifically designed for avid gamers of all shapes and sizes!

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