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Gaming chair that fits perfectly with the PlayStation

Are you a real PS4 gamer or are you already deep into the best PS5 games? Fans of Call of Duty, Crash Bandicoot, Gran Turismo or one of the other PlayStation hits naturally want to sit comfortably. It works best with a gaming chair with a PlayStation logo... Or does that logo not matter? Whether you are looking for a gaming chair for PS4 or a gaming chair for PS5, Game Hero has the best gaming chairs and accessories to complete your setup.

Why buy a PlayStation gaming chair?

Did you know that your favorite game console once started as a CD drive for Nintendo's SNES? This collaboration came to nothing and Sony would become a formidable competitor of Nintendo with the PSOne, SEGA would not even survive the battle. Now we are already on the fifth edition of this console. Do you now have to upgrade from a PS4 racing chair to a PS5 edition? Not as far as we're concerned, because all games play better on a good game chair. Yes, even Xbox games!

This way you will find the ideal PlayStation gaming chair

If you are looking for a PlayStation gaming chair, what is the first thing you pay attention to? The logo? Read these tips first, then you will probably think differently about this:

Tip 1: You can buy an official PlayStation game chair, but then you pay more for the sticker than for the chair. Once you are seated, you will no longer see that logo.

Tip 2: The official color combination of the PS5 is black and white. That is quite unique for a game console. How about a gaming chair for PlayStation in black and white?

Tip 3: If you like racing and want to buy a PS4 racing chair for it, then focus mainly on the seating comfort. So no special buttons or other console-bound features. You want your gaming chair for PS4 to also be suitable for the PS5.

The different gaming chairs PlayStation

Actually, all Game Hero chairs are suitable for this console. You might as well play it on your PC or of course a PSP if you're a real Sony fan. A black and white gaming chair is now the trend, but black or with a color is certainly also allowed. The original logo has red, yellow, green and blue as colors so you can go either way!

Complete your gaming setup!

Are you buying a PS5 or PS4 gaming chair? Then you need a steering wheel and a sturdy gaming desk to attach the steering wheel to. Of course you can also order it in the Game Hero webshop. So take a good look around before you pay.

Any questions about PlayStation gaming chair? Game Hero is happy to help you!

Unfortunately, you cannot come to us to play a game of Elder Scrolls Online in the middle of the night. First work, then fun! You can ask all your questions about gaming chairs, gaming monitors and other gaming gear. Which chair is nice for a long session of Apex Legends, for example…

Frequently asked questions about gaming chair PlayStation

Is there an official gaming chair for PlayStation?

There are brands that have licensed the logo, Sony does not make chairs itself.

Do Xbox games work on my PlayStation gaming chair?

There are even stories of gamers who have successfully played Zelda on the Switch. Our chairs are very welcoming!

What is the best PS4 racing chair?

You can look at a bucket seat model where you have a good sitting position for racing games. In the end it is mainly a matter of personal preference.

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