Een onvergetelijke dag voor Wodan mede dankzij Game Hero!

An unforgettable day for Wodan thanks to Game Hero!

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Game Hero x Make-A-Wish Belgium-Flanders

As Game Hero we received the request from Make-A-Wish Belgium-Flanders to participate in Wodan's wish fulfillment. Wodan is a gamer. So his biggest wish is a gaming set-up. While his set-up was being installed at his home, Wodan and his family were taken to the Olympia bowling center. First he was allowed to climb the wall there, then go bowling and eat tasty fries at the end. The surprise was great when he discovered his gaming set-up at home. His wish was fulfilled.

It's great that we as Game Hero were able to participate in this initiative! We wish Wodan lots of gaming fun with his new set-up.


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