Welke gamestoel past bij mij?

Which gaming chair is right for me?

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That is a question we often hear. We would like to send you a link to the 'numero uno game chair' that is the best choice for everyone, but unfortunately that chair does not exist. Your body may be a bit longer, thicker or older than someone else's, there is not one chair that is best for everyone. Which gaming chair is right for me? We help you quickly make the best choice.

Why buy a gaming chair?

If you game a lot, you cannot avoid investing in a real gaming chair . Those chairs are more comfortable than office chairs and you save your body with them. If you also want to sit comfortably in the future without muscle pain and all kinds of ailments, then it is better to buy an ergonomic gaming chair. They provide optimal support in all vital areas of your body. But how do you choose the right gaming chair? Let's list a few points of interest

This is how you find the ideal gaming chair

First, you should be comfortable on the chair. If you have to 'get used to' for weeks or if the salesperson fanatically recommends that specific chair, then you probably don't have the best chair for your application. Which gaming chair is right for me? Start with these three tips:

Tip 1: If you regularly have physical complaints, look for an 'ergonomic' gaming chair . They are specifically designed for a good sitting posture. It is true that your body has slightly different needs, ergonomic design gives a good indication, but it does not say everything.

Tip 2: The upholstery can certainly play a role in the seating comfort. A leather gaming chair is always an excellent choice, although artificial leather can also be very good. The price / quality ratio is often in the life of the upholstery and the parts. More expensive to purchase does not automatically mean more expensive if you include the lifespan.

Tip 3: Pac-man is yellow and Sonic is blue. If Luigi were to put on purple overalls then… it's Waluigi! In other words; colors tell a story without words and put you in a certain mood. Of course, seating comfort is the main feature, but it is best to choose a cool color combination for your gaming chair. Consider, for example, a black and white gaming chair , completely black or a white gaming chair .

The different gaming chairs

Some gamers prefer to play platformers, others prefer FPS games. Because there are varying preferences, we supply various types of gaming chairs. If you are above average tall or small, pay close attention to the height of the chair, if you have a tight budget then we supply various cheap gaming chairs that you can also sit on. We also have a special collection for gaming chairs that can handle a weight of 150 kg and gaming chairs for tall people .

Complete your gaming setup!

You're sitting comfortably, but where will your keyboard and mouse be? PC gamers definitely need a desk, and a gaming desk is not an unnecessary luxury for your PlayStation or Xbox. Check out the accessories and put together your own unbeatable gear.

Any questions about gaming chairs?

Game Hero is happy to help you! If you have any questions about a specific model, delivery time or other matters regarding the Game Hero range, please let us know. We are ready to answer all questions as quickly as possible.

Frequently Asked Questions About Gaming Chair

Is a gaming chair the same as an office chair?

No, gaming chairs have a different design which ensures a sitting position that suits gamers better.

Can I return the chair after purchase?

Yes, this is allowed as long as the item is in its original condition. Return shipping is free, but there must be no traces of use. If you are unsure about a purchase in advance, please feel free to contact us.

Can I also order parts?

Take a look in the accessories category for an overview of parts and related items. Here you will find, for example, replacement wheels (which roll more quietly). Are you missing something? Let us know!

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