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2nd chance at Game Hero

At Game Hero we use a 30-day cooling-off period . During these 30 days you can view the product and possibly try it as you would in a physical store. Unfortunately, it sometimes happens that a customer changes his mind and returns a product.

All our webshop returns are always carefully checked for possible damage and completeness. This applies to both the item and the packaging. Once we have checked the product and we are convinced that the second chance item can be offered new, as new or in good condition again, we will place the item onthis page.


We know better than anyone that a product can't quite be it and must be returned. No worries, the same return rules apply to our 2nd chance products as to new products.

Do you want to return something or do you have a question regarding your product. We can help you within 1 working day via this page .

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