De voor- en nadelen van een gamebureau

The pros and cons of a game agency

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A desk is actually the same as a table, right? And a table is a shelf on legs, so nothing special. Why would you buy a gaming agency ? There are some unique advantages that gaming desks provide and perhaps there are also some disadvantages of a gaming desk. We look at both the pros and cons of a gaming agency from a gamer's perspective so you can make the best decision.

Why buy a game agency?

If you are a PC gamer, with a desktop or laptop system, then a gaming desk is the obvious choice. You can place the computer, monitor, keyboard and mouse. For a console gamer you may not immediately need a gaming desk, but you do benefit from the cable entry, USB connections and optional LED lighting. The main difference with a standard desk is that the design has thought about the best features for a gamer. The dimensions, table legs that do not get in the way and a good combination with a gaming chair. If you want to put together a good setup for your gaming hours, buying a real gaming desk is the obvious choice. This is how you find the ideal game desk The game desk prices vary considerably, how do you find the ideal desk for your wishes and budget?

Here are 3 tips that will help you make the right choice:

Tip 1: If you are going to play at a competition level now or in the future, choose a game agency that meets official specifications. Then you immediately have the right feeling and you are immediately in a familiar environment during tournaments. Not all game agencies meet this standard, see product details for more information.

Tip 2: Plugs, chargers, cables, etc. cause quite a mess. Thanks to the cable entry, you can neatly hide everything away and avoid a tangle of cables. You can possibly tie the cables together with tie wraps. A gaming desk will be equipped with USB connections to which you can connect various devices. From a Switch dock to a fan to keep your gaming rig and yourself cool.

Tip 3: A cheap gaming desk with lots of options is not a good combination. You can save on features, but don't save on construction and quality of parts. If you have a somewhat larger budget, there are rock-solid desks with LED lighting and well-wired USB connectors

The different game agencies

Your playing style and preferences may be different, which is why at Game Hero we sell various models for all types of gamers. For example, pay attention to the placement of the table legs. That can be four at the corners or two at the sides or an adjustable system. Some gaming desks are adjustable in height or have extra storage space or shelves. Complete your gaming setup! Such a nice game desk, but what will it say? A computer or console of course, how about a curved monitor, a gaming mouse or a backlit keyboard? View all accessories and customize your rig.

Any questions about game agency?

Game Hero is happy to help you! Maybe you want to buy a sit / stand desk or you want to know more about the connection to the game desk. What exactly are the pros and cons of a game agency? Do not hesitate and contact the helpdesk, we are happy to help you!

Gaming agency FAQs

What are the advantages of a game agency?

Tailored for gamers with cable management, USB connections and optional LED lighting.

What are the disadvantages of a game agency?

Desks with official specifications and the best materials can be quite expensive to buy.

They do have a long lifespan. Can I also do other things at a gaming desk?

You can work on the computer, read, draw, hobby or work. A game desk is very versatile in use. The options will differ per type.

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