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6 bureaustoelen die jouw productiviteit verhogen.

6 office chairs that increase your productivity.

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Game Hero - Office King T3

Colors: Black | Material: Mesh/Nylon/Metal | Chair size: 51*66 cm | Load capacity: 125kg | Backrest angle: 90-118 degrees | Armrest: adjustable | Warranty: one year

This ergonomic office chair from Game Hero is made of high-quality material and is also very comfortable, practical and durable. Often people's posture is bad while working or gaming, but this office chair is known for improving posture. In addition, the chair is not too heavy and can be easily lifted. As far as the price/quality ratio is concerned, this chair is great to start with.

The wheels of an office chair are not the first thing you think about when purchasing. But the Office King T3 is also a good choice in this area. They are soft so that they do not scratch a wooden floor, and they also have enough resistance so that you do not roll away too easily.

Game Hero - Office King T2

Game Hero - Office King T2

Color: Black | Material: Mesh, foam, elastic fabric | Package Dimensions: 76*38*65cm | Chair size: 51*50 cm | Load capacity: 125kg | Armrest: Adjustable

This chair offers a comfortable experience for every person whether you are tall or small. Due to high-quality foam, this chair offers good ergonomic support. In addition, the chair can be tilted 130 degrees. This gives you the option of leaning back or adopting a serious working posture.

For the price range, the materials are very good. The armrests feel sturdy and have the ideal hardness, the chair as a whole feels solid and robust.


Game Hero - Office G3

Game Hero - Office G3

Color: black | Material: sponge and mesh | Load capacity: 136kg | Assembly Required: Yes | Total height: 118-127.5 cm 

The Office G3 is a perfect choice if your budget is on the low side. This chair is perfect for people looking for a chair that is very comfortable. In addition, the armrests can be tilted, so that you can also use the chair without armrests. The base of the chair is made of aluminum, which gives the chair a sturdy look.

In short, it is a perfect chair for people who want to purchase a very good chair for a good price.

Game Hero - Office Chief N2

Game Hero - Office Chief N2

Color: black | Material: PU, high density sponge and metal | Load capacity: 150 kg | Chair weight: 14.8 kg | Material wheels: Nylon

If you are looking for a high quality executive chair with a somewhat low price, this is the chair for you! The chair is made of PU leather and is of high quality. In addition, this chair also contains an aluminum base, which is not a matter of course with office chairs in this price range. The chair is comfortable, but is certainly also suitable for a more relaxed attitude! Personally, we can sit in this all day without difficulty. Not to forget, the backrest is also adjustable.

Game Hero - Ergo Specialist

Game Hero - Ergo Specialist

Color: black | Material: gauze, sponge and mesh | Load capacity: 113 kg | The largest reclining angle: 15 degrees | Armrests adjustable: yes | Chair dimensions: 76 * 34 * 59 cm

This chair is more for serious people as the chair is not as adjustable as the other chairs. This does help with a better concentration since no lazy attitude can be used. The chair is comfortable due to the materials used. A perfect choice for people who want to get productive!

Game Hero - Ergo Office X3

Game Hero - Ergo Office X3

Colour: black/grey | Material: Mesh, Sponge, Nylon | Maximum load capacity: 113 kg | Maximum Tilt Angle: 15 degrees | Adjustable armrests: yes

The Ergo Office X3 is an office chair from the lower price ranges. A good choice if you don't want to spend hundreds of euros! The chair is comfortable and your back is well supported. The mesh ensures that the chair breathes. Furthermore, the chair has a soft seat cushion that ensures that you can work comfortably for hours.

In addition, the chair has adjustable armrests and a nice backrest that is also adjustable. In short, it is a cheap, but also high-quality chair that is definitely recommended. This chair is often purchased in larger quantities by offices for employees.

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