De perfecte houding in een gamestoel

The perfect posture in a gaming chair

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Nowadays - especially in the current time when many people have to work at home - there is a lot to do around the best posture in office chairs. However, this fully applies to gaming chairs as well . Are gaming chairs good for your posture? And how can you ensure that you get a better posture in your gaming chair? In this blog post we give you some tips for a better posture in your gaming chair .

The most important aspects of a gaming chair - for a perfect posture

To achieve the perfect posture in your gaming chair, it is important to take into account the 5 most important aspects of a gaming chair:

1. Seat height

For a good seat height it is important that - when you sit on the chair, with your back against the backrest - your feet can easily be placed flat on the floor. If this is not possible, then - if possible - adjust the seat height in such a way that it works or use a footrest or footstool.

2. Seat depth

You achieve a good seat depth by placing your back against the backrest and sitting all the way back. The back of your knees should not touch the front of the chair, there should be a small open space. The length of your upper leg is therefore decisive for the best seat depth of your gaming chair. You can also often adjust the seat depth by moving the backrest forward (for a smaller seat depth) or backwards (for a larger seat depth).

3. Seat width

When you can comfortably sit on the seat of the gaming chair without the sides of your legs touching the armrests, you have the perfect seat width. To calculate the correct seat width of a gaming chair, you can start from your hip width, but the degree of the desired mobility in your gaming chair is also important.

4. Backrest

The back of your gaming chair should match the shape of your spine. In most cases, a slightly curved backrest provides the ultimate sitting position. Make sure your entire spine touches the backrest for best results. It is recommended to choose a gaming chair with an adjustable backrest.

5. Armrests

The armrests of a gaming chair must be able to move up and down and be retractable and extendable. They should be adjusted so that they are the same height as the desk or table you are sitting at. The handrails should be long and wide enough for your elbows and forearms to rest comfortably on them. This ensures that the risk of neck, shoulder and back complaints is minimized.

Gamehero: for the perfect gaming chair

Gamehero offers a wide range of high-quality gaming chairs that fully meet the above criteria. Gamehero's gaming chairs are adjustable and adjustable in such a way that they ensure the most optimal shoulder , back , arm , pelvis and feet position. In addition, the Gamehero gaming chairs are available in different price ranges and excellent customer service is offered.

Do you have questions about our products or gaming chairs in general? Feel free to contact one of our specialists.


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