Gamer cadeaus, 5 ideeën voor een perfect cadeau

Gamer gifts, 5 ideas for a perfect gift

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What's the perfect gamer gift? A clock that can freeze time so you can play longer! Unfortunately this does not exist… what are the alternatives? Brace yourself for 5 gaming gift ideas that will make (almost) every gamer happy. For every budget, from cheap to expensive (but good!).

1. Merchandise

There are so many toys… restore 'merchandise' from a huge number of popular games that you can buy a nice item for every budget. Of course, you need to know what the favorite game is to give the perfect gift for a gamer. So ask which franchise or character is number one. There is a difference between a Warhammer character, an Among Us costume set or a Pokémon plushie. Posters on the wall also do well and of course mugs or water bottles to drink while playing. A mouse pad can also be a good gaming gift, although PC gamers usually have higher requirements than a nice print.

2. Headset

With this gaming gift you also do the environment a favor. Instead of a large speaker set-up, you ensure peace in the tent, a gaming headset as a gift for a gamer is a 'subtle' way to show that the subwoofer should not be left on 24 hours a day. Online gamers will prefer a headset with a microphone, standard headphones usually do not have built-in microphones. Then there are noise-cancelling headsets that remove ambient noise, which is ideal for mobile (Switch) gamers who play on the bus or train.

3. Game desk

This will not be a shoe gift for most people because of the price, nor because of the size for that matter. A good gaming agency is the perfect choice for a birthday and/or as a joint gift. You can also make up if the gamer in question has not saved enough. Then you don't give a knick-knack present which is nice for 5 minutes, but an investment with years of fun. Are you going for a model with LED lighting? Then you immediately have a festive atmosphere!

4. Gaming chair

This gamer gift falls into the same category as a desk. We advise you not to go for the budget products that shops use as an 'impulse purchase', because you simply cannot buy a real gaming chair for less than 100 euros. Certainly not an ergonomic model with adjustable backrests and those built-in speakers really don't deliver good sound. Rather choose quality, a chair that you can sit in today and next year. That's a gaming gift that really benefits you!

5. Gift Card

Don't buy games for a gamer! Unless you really know exactly what the recipient wants and doesn't have yet, it's better to give a gift card. Yes, a gift card is less personal, but then you know for sure that you are not giving the wrong game. You probably won't make a die-hard gamer happy with games from the budget bins in the store. There are cards for Xbox, PlayStation, Nintendo, Google and Apple, so you can buy a suitable gift card for everyone. You can buy these cards as a physical prepaid card or as a digital voucher code. Beware of shady sites that sell codes at rock bottom prices. These may have already been used or may not be valid in the Netherlands.

Are you a gamer yourself? Then treat yourself to a gift from your own savings, of course you can! What is still missing in your setup?

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