Gamestoel vs bureaustoel; wat is het verschil?

Gaming chair vs office chair; what is the difference?

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When you see the letters 'vs', many gamers immediately think of a fighting game. FIGHT! This time we put gaming chair vs office chair to determine which chair is best for gamers and why. What is the difference between an office chair and a gaming chair? And who will win this battle?

Why buy a gaming chair or office chair?

You play games on a gaming chair, work on an office chair. That's not that complicated. We understand very well that you have to do homework, study or work and office chairs are very suitable for that. Only when you start gaming does the same chair turn out to be less ergonomic. This is mainly due to the sitting position. During strenuous work you prefer to sit upright, while during a gaming session you will lean back a bit more. A more relaxed attitude that you can maintain for a long time. With an office chair or gaming chair, the sitting position in particular is different and you will notice this especially during longer sessions.

This way you will find the ideal gaming chair or office chair

In the battle between gaming chair vs office chair you might think “why not both in one chair? After all, you can adjust them. That is partly true, but the base and sitting position are so different that even with adjustable backrest, height and armrests you cannot design a perfect chair for all applications. Here are some tips that make the difference between an office chair and a gaming chair a little clearer:

Tip 1: A chair for gaming lets you lean further back for a more comfortable sitting position.

Tip 2: Gaming chairs are more padded with sometimes removable cushions that you can easily clean.

Tip 3: There are gaming chairs with 4D armrests. You can adjust the height and width for optimum seating comfort.

The different gaming chairs and office chairs

You not only feel it, you also see it immediately. Gaming chairs are more like 'executive chairs', chairs that directors sit on. Thickly padded and often quite large in size. If you play games in a tiny space, the choice between gaming chair vs office chair can turn out differently. There are some gaming chairs with a somewhat smaller design that are still very comfortable.

Complete your gaming setup!

In addition to chairs, you also have gaming desks . They are also different from tables to work on. A number of desks in the Game Hero range meet the official pro gaming specifications. That is certainly an advantage if you play competitively or want to do so in the future.

Any questions about gaming chair vs office chair? Game Hero is happy to help you!

Gaming chair vs office chair might be a bit of comparing apples and oranges, let's be honest. We know nothing about fruit, we know (almost) everything about game accessories. Feel free to ask one of our employees your question.

Frequently Asked Questions About Gaming Chair vs Office Chair

What is the best chair for gaming?

Ultimately, the best chair is the model that you sit comfortably on and that provides sufficient support. Gaming chairs are designed to sit comfortably with a controller with a lot of support in your back.

Should I buy a gaming chair in addition to an office chair?

We can't oblige you, but you will definitely notice the difference. If you have the space and budget, buy two chairs. An office chair can be sufficient, but you will certainly miss some comfort and support. Also check with yourself what you will be doing more in the chair, is that working or gaming? You can also look at the ergonomic gaming chairs for a little more support.

Does that chair also have speakers, USB etc?

There are chairs with all kinds of technical tricks to improve your gaming experience, but in the end a chair just has to sit well and have a solid construction. You have USB on your desk, sound on your headset, so such things on your chair will not add much.

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