Welke gaming supplementen passen bij mij?

Which gaming supplements are right for me?

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Which gaming supplements are right for me?

There are quite a few gaming supplements on the market. Do you have to eat or drink the same products during Call of Duty as you would during a God of War marathon? What's best for a Pac-Man tournament, maybe power pellets? It's not even so much about the game, but more about the person who plays these games. So you. Which gaming supplements are right for me? Good question, you read it on this page.

How do gaming supplements work?

Before we go deeper into the question of which gaming supplements suit you, it is wise to first see how these products work. The purpose of a game supplement is to increase concentration and improve endurance. This is possible by absorbing substances into your body that influence certain bodily functions and also neurological processes. For example, sugar provides energy, while stimulants such as caffeine promote concentration. You will not immediately notice extra vitamins and minerals, but they do help to improve your resistance and make your body stronger.

Important questions for gamers

Which gaming supplements are right for me? That is a question that raises two other questions. What games do you play and what do you want to achieve with these supplements?

1. What games do you play?

There are games that you can finish in seconds. Not because they are less fun, but the game concept is built around short sessions or rounds. You must then be able to react quickly, but only for a short period of time. A boost of adrenaline is then sufficient, the energy does not have to last. This works differently with RPGs, for example. Those sessions last much longer with moments of focus and rest that alternate. It wouldn't be pleasant if you sat on the edge of your seat for hours on end. To answer the question “which gaming supplements are right for me?” So you first have to determine which energy arc fits the games you play.

2. What do you want to achieve with gaming supplements?

In addition to your preference for games, you also need to determine which qualities you want to optimize. In competitive Tetris you have to be able to react very quickly. Your body should be calm while your brain and fingers get into the 'zone'. Caffeine is certainly an effective substance to make you alert, but it can make you restless. In addition to more focus, the muscles in your body can contract. So there is a delicate balance between body and mind, and there are also games that require different skills as a gamer at different times.

You are what you eat

Which gaming supplements suit you are also partly based on your lifestyle, allergies or beliefs. For example, someone who is Muslim or Jewish will not use energy gummies with pork gelatin, nor if you are a vegetarian or vegan. If you opt for gaming supplements that are vegan, then in most cases you are fine with regard to lifestyle, the chance of alcohol in such a supplement is very small. Of course you have to be careful with allergies. If you know that you are allergic to fish, for example, you have to be careful with omega-3, an ingredient that often comes from fish. Or energy bars with peanut if you are allergic to it.

Sweet temptation

Apart from beliefs and allergies, there is sugar as an ingredient. There is a sharp division between products with a lot of sugar and sugar-free. Many gaming supplements have sweet flavors and it's not just because sweet tastes good. Sugar is a stimulant, just like caffeine. It is also a high calorie ingredient and after a short while you can become very tired and lethargic not to mention gain weight. Products with sugar substitutes do not have these side effects, but in excessive doses they can have an effect on bowel movements. You can get diarrhea from it, so not really pleasant if you want to game for an evening. Therefore, do not work in all kinds of gaming supplements at the same time, but first test how your body reacts to a product.

Long-lasting effects of gaming supplements

In addition to that quick 'boost', there may also be effects that have a positive effect in the long term, such as vitamins and minerals. There are gaming supplements that contain these important building blocks. For example, vitamin C is good for the resistance and vitamin D is only produced when there is sufficient daylight. With the right products you not only get energy for gaming, but you can improve health in general. Of course, healthy food and exercise remain very important to maintain your stamina.

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