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Ultimate gaming experience with Ultrawide Gaming Monitors

If you're looking for a new monitor for your gaming setup, it's worth considering upgrading to an ultrawide gaming monitor. These monitors provide a unique and immersive experience that you can't get with a traditional 16:9 monitor.

What is an Ultrawide Gaming Monitor?

An ultrawide monitor is a type of monitor that has an aspect ratio of 21:9 instead of the standard 16:9. This means that the monitor is much wider than a traditional monitor and offers a wider field of view. This makes it possible to become even more immersed in the gaming experience, because you can see more of the game world. We often see combinations of ultrawide and curved gaming monitors , which ensures an even better experience!

The benefits of ultrawide game monitors

There are several benefits to using an ultra-wide monitor:

  • A more beautiful gaming experience: Ultrawide gaming screens provide a wider field of view and allow you to see more of the game world. This makes the experience even more immersive.
  • Multiple screens in one: With an ultrawide game screen you have the option of having multiple screens in one, without annoying edges or interruptions between the screens.
  • Productivity: The monitors not only provide a better gaming experience, but can also contribute to better productivity as you can see more information on one screen.

There are also some drawbacks

While there are of course benefits to the monitor, there are also a few drawbacks worth considering:

  • Expensive: Ultrawide monitors are generally more expensive than traditional monitors since you get more screen for your money.
  • Required hardware: To take full advantage of an ultrawide display, you need more powerful hardware. This may incur additional costs if you need to upgrade your computer.
  • Not all games support ultrawide resolutions, which means some games may not be able to use the monitor's full potential. This can lead to black bars on the sides of the screen or a stretched display that doesn't look right.

What should I pay attention to when buying an ultrawide game monitor?

If you're considering buying a gaming monitor , there are a few things to keep in mind:

  • Resolution: Choose a monitor with a high resolution to ensure you get the best image quality. 1440p or 4K resolution is recommended for the best experience.
  • Refresh rate: A higher refresh rate provides smoother images and less lag. A refresh rate of at least 120Hz is recommended for an optimal gaming experience.
  • Size: Consider the size of the monitor in relation to your gaming setup and the distance from your eyes to the screen. A monitor that is too large can be tiring for your eyes, while a monitor that is too small is not optimal for the gaming experience.
  • curved vs. Flat: Ultrawide gaming monitors come in both curved and flat designs. A curved design can increase immersion and provide a more natural viewing angle, while a flat design is better for productivity.

The most frequently asked questions

What is the ideal size for an ultrawide monitor?

This depends on your gaming setup and the distance between your eyes and the screen. In general, a monitor between 34 and 38 inches is recommended for the best gaming experience.

Is an ultrawide monitor more expensive than a traditional monitor?

Yes, ultrawide gaming monitors are generally more expensive than traditional monitors due to the size of the screen. You should also take into account any additional costs for hardware upgrades to take full advantage of the monitor, so it's good to check before you click order.

Can I connect multiple screens to an ultrawide gaming monitor?

That is certainly possible, but it depends on the video card in your computer or console. It is not always possible and it is important to check this in advance. We certainly want to help with this, so get in touch if you have any questions about this!

Do I need a powerful computer for an extra wide monitor?

Yes, to make the most of an ultrawide gaming monitor, you need more powerful hardware. This may incur additional costs if you need to upgrade your computer.

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