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  • Bought Winner X1 Limited Edition via Amazon. Delivery was quick and in a nice packaging. Quality of chair is great compared to the price.5/5 Heinrich, Winner X1 limited edition
  • Customer Service A+, helped me get the best monitor for my money5/5 Abel Castillo Arias, Customer Service A+
  • I went to their office for buying a gaming chair. They were very friendly and gave good service.5/5 Marcel, Friendly and good service
  • Good products and good service!5/5 Cosmo Borsboom
  • My chair was wonderfull great support everything great buy from here!!5/5 Tommy King, Great support!
  • I love the monitor the sell the aesthetic of it is beautiful it has a nice stand and it's worth the price for 240 hz monitor. Overall I recommend5/5 Daniel Sobetchi, I love the monitor they sell

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