De voor- en nadelen van een gamestoel

The advantages and disadvantages of a gaming chair

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You can play a game on any chair or stool, but that does not make it a gaming chair. Many gamers sit on an office chair. Of course you can, but is this the best option? What makes gaming chairs better than alternative chairs? What exactly are the advantages and disadvantages of a gaming chair? Sit back and relax because we explain that on this page.

Why buy a gaming chair?

Does it matter what kind of chair you play games on? You won't get a high score on a rocking chair, unless it's a riding simulator, perhaps. The main reason to choose a real gaming chair instead of an office chair is the sitting position. On an office chair you sit more upright and the chair offers less support, a gaming chair has softer padding and you sit more comfortably. The way of sitting is somewhere between a lounge chair and an office chair. Serious gamers often sit behind the computer for hours on end, so of course you have to sit comfortably.

This is how you find the ideal gaming chair

The advantages and disadvantages of a gaming chair become apparent when we look at the 3 tips below. This is how you make optimal use of your chair:

Tip 1: More setting options mean more flexibility. Think of the seat height, tilting backwards and adjustable armrests. Especially if you are a bit smaller or larger than average, more setting options are definitely an advantage.

Tip 2: Don't sit in the same position for hours. Vary occasionally to take the pressure off your spine and give yourself regular breaks. If you really lose track of time, put a timer on your gaming desk. Some gamers need to slow themselves down.

Tip 3: You can perform office work from a gaming chair, but the sitting position is actually not ideal for it. If you are really looking for a combination chair, buy a model that you can put straight and that you do not sink into completely.

The different gaming chairs

At Game Hero we sell gaming chairs in all shapes and sizes. The general advantages and disadvantages of a gaming chair usually apply, read the description carefully for the specific features. The models are different, the colors, materials and also the dimensions. View our range of luxury gaming chairs here.

Complete your gaming setup!

We are happy to help you put together the perfect game room for your home. In addition to our collection of gaming chairs, also view our gaming desks and accessories such as headsets, keyboards and mice. Unfortunately we don't sell PCs, laptops and consoles, but you probably already have them!

Any questions about gaming chairs? Game Hero is happy to help you!

You want to sit comfortably on a nice chair for years to come, we totally understand that. Can't quite figure it out yourself? Then you can ask your questions to the Game Hero team. We are happy to help you with questions about our gaming chairs, service or delivery times.

Frequently asked questions about gaming chairs

Is a gaming chair better than an office chair?

Not better but different. The sitting position differs, the filling will be thicker. It's a bit like comparing apples to oranges. Gaming chairs are ideal for playing games.

Are all gaming chairs ergonomic?

No, not all chairs are ergonomic. This means that extra attention has been paid to seating comfort and responsible sitting. But everyone has a different physique, so the seating comfort will always be slightly different per person. We have made a selection of ergonomic gaming chairs to help you find the ideal chair.

Are those wheels suitable for my floor?

If the floor is easily damaged, if there is deep-pile carpeting or a carpet, it is better to buy a hard, transparent floor protector. Then the wheels roll better and the floor is not damaged.

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