Affiliate Program

Affiliate Program Game Hero

Welcome to the affiliate program! We are excited to offer you the opportunity to join our team of influencers and creators and promote our products and your channel together.

A partnership with us means you get access to our products giving you the chance to provide your followers with the latest gaming gear. In addition, our team will provide you with personalized support to ensure you have everything you need to successfully promote our products.

By becoming our partner, you get the chance to showcase your gaming skills and expertise, while also earning a commission on the sales resulting from your promotions. As part of our team, you will also have the opportunity to collaborate and connect with other influencers and creators in the gaming world.

    What kinds of collaborations does Game Hero enter into?

    • Barter deals or paid collaborations
    • affiliate

    affiliate marketing

    Via the Game Hero Partner Program we create personal links that refer to products on You can then place these links on your platform(s). If your fans, followers or viewers buy something from Game Hero through your links, you can earn money with it. Here you will find the link to become an affiliate.

    Paid partnerships or barter deals

    Do you have a growing and engaged community within the gaming niche? Then we are open to a collaboration. Please state the following via the contact page;

    - Which channels are you active.

    - What is your average reach and number of followers.

    - What ideas do you have in the field of collaboration.

    Are you interested in a collaboration? Click here for contact


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