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Gaming desk with lighting

Have you ever been told that you are “not a great light”? Maybe not, but luckily your desk does give light and also in multiple colors! Is a gaming desk with lighting a necessity? No, it's pure enjoyment. Level up to a colorful spectacle and buy a gaming desk with light.

Why buy a gaming desk with lighting?
Do you game in the dark or do you prefer to turn on the lamp? If you opt for a gaming desk with LED, you can bring some more light into the darkness without destroying the atmosphere. If you do need a good desk, then it can have some cool features, adjustable lighting is certainly a piece of luxury to make you happy. Why should you buy a gaming desk with lighting? Because you can, that's why!

This way you will find the ideal gaming desk with lighting

Don't be dazzled by the splendor of colours, it is of course still a desk and not a table lamp. Here are 3 tips that will make choosing the right desk a lot easier:

Tip 1: LED lamps last a long time, do not get hot and hardly consume any power. It is therefore a good investment in your gaming setup and the additional price is not too bad.

Tip 2: You can set the color, so you can create any desired atmosphere. Nice and creepy for Resident Evil or fierce for Mario Kart. Typing or editing video behind your PC is of course also allowed.

Tip 3: When purchasing a gaming desk with light, also pay attention to the USB ports and any other connection options. Of course you also need a central socket that supplies all ports and lamps.

The various gaming desks with lighting
The number of colors can vary from about a dozen to millions. This depends on the type of gaming desk with LED you choose. You really don't need that many colors to create atmosphere while gaming, also pay attention to the quality of the desk and the dimensions. Of course you have to be able to sit behind it. There are also models without extra lighting, or just turn off the lighting if you don't want to use it.

Complete your gaming setup!
A monitor also gives light and our monitors produce the sharpest graphics for a competitive price. We also sell keyboards with lighting, which is very practical if you game in a dimmed room.

Any questions about gaming desks with lighting? Game Hero is happy to help you!
A really good gaming desk with lighting costs quite a few cents, you may have some questions before you make the decision. Don't worry, we are ready to answer all your questions.

Frequently asked questions about gaming desk with lighting

Do all gaming desks have LED lighting?
No, there are desks with and without lighting. Cable entry is standard and usually there will be USB ports.

How long do the LEDs last?
On average, LEDs last tens of thousands of hours. So you have to play a lot to 'finish' them.

Can I add lamps to my desk later?
The main advantage of a gaming desk with light is that everything is linked. The lighting is neatly built in, the power supply of lights and USB ports runs via the same cable.

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