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      At Game Hero we know what gamers need. That's why we designed our gaming desks with the best features to enhance your gaming performance and experience.

      The Saint L-shaped gaming desk from Game Hero is a desk specially designed for gamers. It is durable, practical and has a unique design. The aluminum cable entry and LED lighting make this gaming desk unique in combination with the USB Hub. This desk is not only suitable for gaming, but also for (home) working.

      Angled desktop
      With this desk you have more space and comfort than an ordinary desk. The angled desktop gives you more work space and better ergonomics. The desktop has a size of 185 x 120 cm, or 197 x 132 cm and is made to store multiple items. The desk can easily support multiple monitors, a PC, a laptop and many other devices.

      Easy to assemble
      You don't have to spend hours putting this desk together. It comes with a clear manual and all necessary parts. With a few simple steps you have your desk ready for use. This way you can quickly get started with your favorite games.

      Handy cable entry in the worktop
      Nothing is more annoying than messy cables that get in the way or obstruct your view. That's why this desk has 4 handy cable entries in the worktop, where you can neatly hide all your cables. This way you have a tidy and well-organized desk, where you can fully concentrate on your game.

      Built-in LED strip with 16 colors
      This desk not only gives you a great gaming experience, but also an atmospheric gaming environment. The desk has a built-in LED strip with 16 colors, which you can operate with a remote control. This way you can adjust the lighting to your mood, your game or your room. This provides an extra atmospheric and immersive gaming experience.

      USB socket with 3 USB ports for audio and microphone
      This desk makes it easy to connect and use your audio and microphone while gaming. It has a USB socket with 3 USB ports for audio and microphone. This way you can easily plug in your headset, speakers or microphone without the hassle of cables. You can also charge other USB devices via the wall socket, such as your smartphone, tablet or controller. This way you never have to worry about an empty battery during your gaming sessions.


      Desktop Saint L-Shape


      Base Saint L-Shape


      Installation tool kit





      • Desktop material: Wood
      • Desktop width: 185cm / 197cm
      • Desktop depth: 65 cm
      • Height of desk: 72-75cm
      • Electrically adjustable: no
      • Cable management: Yes
      • Sit-stand option: no
      • ARBO standardization: no
      • LED lighting: Yes
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      Pros and cons

      • Cable entry
      • Adjustable LED lighting
      • Practical design
      • Easy installation
      • Extra space
      • Large desk
      • does not fit in every room

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