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At Game Hero, we offer a 30-day return policy. During this period, you can inspect and, if applicable, test the product as you would in a physical store. We understand that occasionally customers change their minds and decide to return an item.

We thoroughly inspect all returned items from our webshop for any potential damage and ensure they are complete. This includes both the product itself and its packaging. After evaluating the product and determining that it qualifies as new, like-new, or in good condition, we list the item on this page as a second chance product.

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Frequently asked questions second chance

How is the price of a second chance product determined?

The price of the second chance products is determined on the basis of the condition of the product and the packaging.

What can I expect from the packaging?

The packaging may have been opened, damaged or repackaged. It is therefore possible that the box looks less attractive than with new products. However, we do make sure that the product is still well packaged, so that it is protected against transport during shipment.

Can I pick up a second chance product on location?

Unfortunately, second chance products cannot be picked up on location, they are shipped directly from our warehouse.

How is a second chance product delivered?

We use a delivery time of 2-3 working days for second chance products.

What are the conditions of second chance products?

The same conditions apply to second chance products as to new products. You can therefore return for free within 30 days and have the same warranty as the original new product. Feel free to contact us if something is wrong with your 2dekan product.

What does second chance mean?

A second chance product is a product that has been returned or exchanged by a customer. The product is checked by us and if it is in good condition, we will give it a second chance. By buying a second chance product you help the environment and save money:

Softer price: even though there is almost no difference with the brand new product, we offer Second Chances with a nice discount.

Sustainable purchase: by offering second chance products ourselves, we avoid unnecessary disposal and destruction of products.

What can I expect from a second chance product?

Second chance products have been checked by us and you can expect that they are still in good condition. However, it can happen that there are very light signs of use or that it has visible damage. Since we check the products thoroughly, we can assure you that this is not disturbing. In addition, you always have your 30-day cooling-off period and you can still return for free if you are not satisfied.

Can I return my 2nd chance product?

Yes, the same return conditions apply to second chance products as to new products. You can easily register your return via this form.

​​Where can I buy a second chance product?

View our second chance range here with all products that you can give a new home!

Do I have a warranty on a second chance product?

We also offer a 30-day reflection period on second-hand products. Outside those 30 days, the warranty stated with the original new product applies.

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