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  • Orderer 2023 🚀 Winner X1 Winner X1

    Winner X1

    PU Leather | 2D armrest | Up to 130Kg

    PU Leather | 2D armrest | Up to 130Kg


  • Kingship Kingship


    PU Leather | 4D armrest | Up to 150Kg

    PU Leather | 4D armrest | Up to 150Kg


  • King N1 King N1

    King N1

    PU Leather | 2D armrest | Ergonomic

    PU Leather | 2D armrest | Ergonomic


  • Limited Winner X1 Limited Edition Winner X1 Limited Edition

    Winner X1 Limited Edition

    PU Leather | 2D armrest | Up to 130Kg

    PU Leather | 2D armrest | Up to 130Kg


Leather gaming chairs from Game Hero

No one is born as a Game Hero, you have to learn those skills. By playing hundreds or even thousands of hours. Of course you want to spend that time comfortably on a leather gaming chair. You've come to the right place for that, or rather on the right page. And because gaming is also an art form, you can also order artificial leather chairs, so there is a suitable solution for everyone!

Why buy a leather gaming chair?

You buy a leather gaming chair in the first place because this material is strong and durable. It also looks like a beautiful luxury gaming chair . As soon as you sit down you feel the supple material, smooth but not too slippery. Are you a gamer or an executive of a major game publisher? Who cares as long as you can sit comfortably.

This way you will find the ideal leather gaming chair

Not every gaming chair is the same. How do you make the right choice? Start by reading these three tips:

Tip 1: Thinner leather is more flexible, but wears out faster. This coating is made by flattening the skin. This provides more surface area, which is favorable for the price. A leather gaming chair with a somewhat stiffer upholstery will therefore often be more expensive, but with a longer lifespan.

Tip 2: There is nothing wrong with artificial leather in itself. This material is made with synthetic materials to mimic the properties of a real leather gaming chair. The price is favorable, the lifespan will usually be shorter.

Tip 3: The upholstery does not say everything. Also pay attention to the construction of the chair, the quality of the filling and the wheels that are under the frame. Quality is the sum of features and that sum is reflected in the purchase price.

The different gaming chairs leather

You will know that genuine leather is relatively expensive. Yet there is more than the upholstery that makes a leather gaming chair sometimes hundreds of euros more expensive. For example, there are chairs with built-in LED lighting. The setting options also certainly count. If there are several pivot points, you sit better, but this also costs a bit more. A beautiful exterior is nice and nice, but the construction and filling must of course also be in order. Too cheap is a bad buy, at Game Hero we only sell products that we support. Or rather like to sit on!

Complete your gaming setup!

You have selected a nice gaming chair made of leather, something else? Do you already have a matching gaming desk ? A gaming monitor with a high refresh rate and minimal glare? A gaming keyboard with short travel perhaps? Be sure to check out our other pampering articles for the real gamer.

Any questions about gaming chair leather? Game Hero is happy to help you

Game Hero is not only the 'candy store' of gaming in the Netherlands, we know how it is and how you can sit best! Send us a message if you need help, together we will figure it out.

Frequently asked questions about gaming chair leather

How do I know if it's real leather?

If it concerns a leather gaming chair, this will be clearly stated, if it concerns upholstery made of artificial leather, PU or fabric, we will also mention this in the product description.

Is the entire chair upholstered in leather?

Not always. The bottom can be made of fabric, there are parts without upholstery or parts that are reinforced with other materials. A leather gaming chair is mainly covered with genuine leather.

What else should I pay attention to?

We have already done most of the research for you. Please note the dimensions, adjustment options and the loadable weight. Or contact us and ask your question directly.

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