6 gamingstoelen die jou een betere gamer maken!

6 gaming chairs that will make you a better gamer!

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Nowadays everyone plays games on different consoles. That is why it is becoming more and more normal to buy a gaming chair. But which gaming chair do you choose? We have listed 6 gaming chairs that will make you a better gamer.

1. Game Hero MW2 - Winner X2

Color: Red, Gray and Blue | Material: PU leather, sponge, nylon and iron | Total height: 124-132 cm | Load capacity: 112 kg | Price: 249,-

This chair is not for nothing the bestseller of bol.com, because it has a perfect price/quality ratio. In addition, the chair is very comfortable due to the materials used. PU leather also ensures that the chair has a long shelf life and therefore does not have to be exchanged for a long time.

Finally, we strongly recommend that you buy this chair if you are looking for a good gaming chair.

2. Game Hero LCP - Kingship XX

Color: black with white seams | Materials: Metal, plastic, sponge and PU leather | Armrest: 2D | Maximum load: 150 kg | Chair weight: 22.5 | Price: 3 49,-

Made with high quality material, this SuperDeluxe ergonomic gaming chair is very comfortable, practical and durable. Headrest and lumbar support reduce back and neck strain; high-density foam padding ensures long and stable use, so the seat is as tight as a real sports seat, if you prefer a softer seat, we recommend using an extra seat cushion. In addition, the chair looks cool because of the patterns, which not many chairs have.

3. GAME HERO LCP - Karroch X4

Material: Metal, plastic, sponge, PU, ​​black parts are cloth | Maximum load: 120kg | Armrests adjustable: Height and rotatable | Price: 244,-

This chair is made of high-quality fabric so you can play/work for hours without getting sweaty skin. A fabric chair breathes much better than a leather chair. That is why we recommend this chair for the real fanatical gamers. The chair is also available in many colors, so something for your taste.

4. Game Hero MW2 - Princess X5

Color: Pink | Material: Linen, sponge, nylon and iron | Total height: 124-132 cm | Product weight: 20.5 kg | Load capacity: 150kg | Price: 229,-

Of course we also have a chair for girls who like gaming. This chair is very comfortable and can even be adjusted at an angle of 135 degrees. The chair is therefore also suitable for resting or even for taking a nap. Finally, the bottom cushion ensures a good posture during gaming, which is very important!

5. Game Hero LCP - Driver O2

Material: Metal, plastic, sponge and PU leather | Rotatable: 360 degrees | Chair weight: 16.78 kg | Maximum load: 150 kg | Price: 189,-

The back is made of canvas and PU. The breathable fabric prevents you from sweating too much during difficult missions. The bright green PU parts give this luxury gaming chair originality. In addition, the chair is very cheap and is the perfect choice for people with a limited budget. The chair, on the other hand, is not adjustable, but often this is not necessary. The shape of the chair is already based on how people can best sit.

6. Game Hero LCP - Royal LED

Color: Black with LED strip | Materials: Metal, plastic, sponge and PU leather | Chair weight: 25.9 kg | Maximum load: 150 kg | Price: 4 49,-

If you are looking for a chair that gives a little more light to your setup, this chair is the best choice. The chair is on the pricey side, but it will certainly be worth the investment. The chair contains LED RGB lights that can last a very long time. The energy costs will therefore be very limited. Finally, the chair is also very comfortable and the chair can last a long time.

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