When you are going to buy a gaming chair, what do you pay the most attention to? On the design, the upholstery or the colours? The mechanism may not be the first thing you think of, but there is indeed a difference. For example, terms such as butterfly, grasshopper and frog mechanism are used. You can read on this page what you should really pay attention to when buying a gaming chair .

What kind of mechanism for gaming chair?

If you want to buy a gaming chair, you can get all kinds of terms thrown around your ears. 3D and 4D or butterfly and frog mechanism. You almost need an ergonomics study to order a chair, this cannot be the intention. The problem is that terms are used interchangeably. For example, the butterfly model can apply to a type of chair or the way in which the seat surface is attached to the tilt mechanism. A grasshopper chair is also an indication from the design world, while a frog mechanism applies to the movement that the chair makes.

Why a chair should be adjustable

In principle, you can play games on any chair, but over time you will certainly notice whether you are sitting on a good gaming chair. In the most favorable case, your bottom starts to hurt, but you can also get problems with your vertebrae. There are ergonomic gaming chairs on the market for a reason. These office chairs are adjustable in height and width. In addition, there are also seats that can rotate around the base or with adjustable armrests that you can place forwards or backwards. This way you can sit comfortably with any body on an office for gaming chair.

Another movement is possible and that is from front to back, this is also called the frog mechanism. This refers to a frog that makes a twisting motion when jumping. In this case, the chair can tilt backwards at an angle, to lean back proudly after a victory, for example. Not all gaming chairs are able to make this movement, even fewer options can be fixed in various positions. However, there are gamers who like this way of turning while playing. Console gamers in particular like to lean back or lean back a bit.

Make sure you have a good sitting posture, also pay attention to your neck. Don't place your screen too low so you don't have to bend over all the time. This tip applies especially to mobile gamers who can even get a 'hunchback' and accompanying neck complaints.

Which gaming chair is right for you?

If you want to buy a gaming chair you have to pay a considerable amount. You don't want to order a new chair every year, so your choice must be right the first time. At Game Hero you will find chairs for every budget and for every person. On the product pages you can see what the specifications are, if you have any questions please feel free to contact us for more information. Not everyone needs a chair that can move across all axes, nor do you need to know what a frog mechanism is or whether a butterfly system has been used. Especially if you are taller or smaller, thicker or thinner than average, it is especially important to look at the setting options. If your back quickly hurts while gaming, choose an ergonomic model.

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