Hoe kies je een goede gaming monitor?

How do you choose a good gaming monitor?

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If you are looking for a game monitor, how do you make the right choice? 144Hz, 27-inch, QLED; how do you know what is relevant to you? And what about G-Sync or FreeSync? After this you know exactly which monitor you need, all important specifications are explained 1 by 1.

Choose gaming monitor

When choosing a gaming monitor , it is important that you know what you need. It matters quite a bit what kind of games you play a lot and what you value a lot. We will explain the following points to you and why they may be important to you.

  • Do I go for a G-Sync or FreeSync monitor?
  • What response time do I need?
  • What does panel say?
  • Is extra sharp image important?
  • Why an HDR monitor?
  • What do you need an ultra wide monitor for?
  • Does PC or Console Gaming Make a Difference?

G-Sync and FreeSync

The main difference between G-sync and FreeSync is video card compatibility. G-Sync is from NVIDIA and therefore only works if you have an NVIDIA video card in your computer. FreeSync is from AMD and therefore only works with an AMD video card. Yet another difference between the two is the frame rate. The frame rate is affected if the refresh rate of your video card falls below the minimum of the monitor, G-sync then doubles the refresh rate of the monitor, which ensures that there are no stutters at a low frame rate. FreeSync does not do this and is disadvantageous compared to G-sync.

Refresh rate: for smooth images

The refresh rate of your monitor affects the display of your games, but also your performance. So it is important that you choose the right one. The most common refresh rates are 60, 75, 144 and 240 hertz. We help you choose.

  • 60Hz - For beginning gamers who play adventure and strategy games
  • 75Hz - For novice gamers who play shooters and racing games
  • 144Hz - For experienced gamers and avid shooter enthusiasts
  • 240Hz - For professional e-athletes

Do you play games in which images have to move really smoothly? Then we recommend a minimum of 144 hertz. You will enjoy this in games such as Fortnite or Call of Duty. Note: make sure you have a powerful video card in your PC or laptop.

Response time: no blurry images

For gaming, fast reaction time (or response time) is a must. This is the speed at which a pixel can go from black to white and back again. If this response time is too slow, you'll get hazes (called "ghosting") and everyone in the game will blast you to pieces. A response time of 5 milliseconds is very fast, but you prefer to be under 2 milliseconds.

Choose panel gaming monitor

The panel of a gaming monitor has a lot to do with the quality and performance of the monitor. There are different panels: IPS, TN and VA. These all have their own specific properties and qualities. For example, IPS is known for a good color range, TN for the speed and VA for the good contrast ratio. It therefore depends very much on what you are looking for as a gamer and what you find most important.

Sharp image: 4K gaming monitors

A 4K gaming monitor has a sharpness of 3840 x 2160 pixels and is also called UHD or 2160p. 4K is 4 times sharper than Full HD, so you can experience the characters and landscapes of your games razor-sharp. This way you can see even the smallest details and you have a clearer view of your opponents. Aren't you gaming for a while? Then you watch a movie in 4K. Note: to game in 4K, you need a game that supports 4K and a very powerful video card.

Vibrant colors: HDR monitors

One of the most recent graphics improvements is High Dynamic Range (HDR). This feature affects your gaming experience in many ways: excellent color performance, deeper saturation, more diverse contrast, brighter highlights and darker shadows. All these individual adjustments take your interactive experience to the next level with more realistic and lifelike images. Just make sure your games support HDR to take advantage of this.

Ultrawide monitors

An ultrawide gaming monitor provides a third more screen space. On a super ultrawide, you have double the screen space. This means you can easily replace your 2-screen setup. Ultrawide monitors give you more visibility in your games, provided a game supports this. This way you have an extra advantage in strategy games, you see just a little more of your playing field in a shooter or you see almost the entire field in FIFA. These monitors are often also curved monitors , but that is not always the case.

console gaming

Console gamers also choose monitors to enjoy their Playstation 4, Xbox One or Nintendo Switch. Compared to a TV, a gaming monitor has less input lag, so you're less bothered by blurry images. A monitor also often has special gaming settings. If you have a Playstation 4 Pro or Xbox One X, you can get the most out of it with a 4K or HDR monitor. A console gives an output of up to 60 hertz, so you don't need a higher refresh rate.

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