• Welke gamestoel past bij mij?

    Which gaming chair is right for me?

    That is a question we often hear. We would like to send you a link to the 'numero uno game chair' that is the best...

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  • Een onvergetelijke dag voor Wodan mede dankzij Game Hero!

    An unforgettable day for Wodan thanks to Game Hero!

    Game Hero x Make-A-Wish Belgium-Flanders As Game Hero we received the request from Make-A-Wish Belgium-Flanders to participate in Wodan's wish fulfillment. Wodan is a gamer....

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  • 6 gamingstoelen die jou een betere gamer maken!

    6 gaming chairs that will make you a better gamer!

    Nowadays everyone plays games on different consoles. That is why it is becoming more and more normal to buy a gaming chair. But which gaming...

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  • 6 bureaustoelen die jouw productiviteit verhogen.

    6 office chairs that increase your productivity.

    Game Hero - Office King T3 Colors: Black | Material: Mesh/Nylon/Metal | Chair size: 51*66 cm | Load capacity: 125kg | Backrest angle: 90-118 degrees...

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  • Hoe kies je een goede gaming monitor?

    How do you choose a good gaming monitor?

    If you are looking for a game monitor, how do you make the right choice? 144Hz, 27-inch, QLED; how do you know what is relevant...

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  • Hoe richt je een gamekamer in?

    How do you set up a game room?

    To set up a game room really well, you need a collection of different objects. Think of gaming chairs and gaming accessories . In addition,...

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  • Welke games verwachten wij komende periode?

    Which games do we expect in the coming period?

    Now that the holiday has started for many, we are curious which games we can expect in the coming period. The E3 2021 shows game...

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  • De perfecte houding in een gamestoel

    The perfect posture in a gaming chair

    Nowadays - especially in the current time when many people have to work at home - there is a lot to do around the best...

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